Founded by two brothers in 2016, Canyonlands Tiny Homes builds extremely strong, unique, one of a kind tiny homes.


We are brothers Bryan and Michael Ballard and we have been building custom homes for nearly 20 years.  Over the years we have witnessed and been personally effected by the rollercoaster economy.  In 2009 the recession put Bryan’s custom home building business in a very tight position and Mike was fresh out of the Marine Corp. doing any tile work he could find. Bryan persevered through the struggle and is more successful then ever while Mike went on to become an accomplished helicopter pilot teaching others how to fly.  Although we both are currently comfortably settled in our positions we know from experience that nothing in life is permanent.


For the last couple years, we have been researching ways to help people not fall victim to the ever constant rise and falling economy with the skills we have.  When tiny living started becoming popular we watched the many different forms it came in and through our experience discovered the best, most economical, beautiful ways to build tiny homes!  Built on the back of flat bed trailers custom made right here in Utah, we construct your tiny home specific to you and your needs utilizing every inch of storage space available. Our homes are very well insulated from floor to ceiling allowing very comfortable living in all weather conditions. Depending on your needs, our tiny homes are ready to be plugged in wherever you need or completely off the grid, devoid of all outside reliance yet without eliminating the conveniences we all enjoy.  


We are a family oriented company and we feel we set ourselves apart by not only building extremely strong, unique, one of a kind homes but we love getting to know each home owner and building a personalized dining table for your family to gather around each day.  Whether you are looking for a second home to put on your mountain property, headed for collage and want to avoid the outrageous cost of living and have something YOU own, or are looking to downsize to have some financial freedom to finally enjoy life, Canyonlands Tiny Homes is right for you!  Along with our wives, we will work side by side with you to achieve your dream tiny home.  


                     Partners and Brothers


Mike Ballard
Partner, Builder


Bryan Ballard
Partner, Builder